Countercultural Nazis: The ideological origins of Atomwaffen Division





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Countercultural Nazis: The ideological origins of Atomwaffen Division

A new wave of aspiring neo-Nazi terrorists has arisen—among them the infamous Atomwaffen Division, an international nazi-network with offshoots all over the world, including Germany. And they have a bible: James Mason’s Siege, which praises lone-wolf terrorism, serial killers, and Charles Manson.

In his deeply researched new book, Neo-Nazi Terrorism and Countercultural Fascism, Spencer Sunshine documents for the first time the origins of Siege and its lasting influence on the violent extreme right. Based on years of archival work and interviews, he traces the origins of Mason’s terrorist vision among debates in neo-Nazi structures and his later popularization by 1980s and ’90s countercultural musicians and publishers.
Sunshine will present his book and also discuss recent developments in the US-far-right. He is an antifascist researcher who has written for platforms like Jungle World, Antifa Infoblatt, Southern Poverty Law Center, and The Forward.
Book presentation & discussion
moderated by Johannes Simon (Jungle World)
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